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Bear with me, dear friends.

My life-long dream of attending yoga teacher training is about to be realized.

Before you know it, I'll be back-ready to fulfill the promise this opportunity holds.

Thank you and namaste.


Editor's Notes



I always plan the next day the night before so everything gets done,  A day started without a plan can be easily wasted. -Taina Licciardo-Toviola

Remember, a sadhana does not need to be fancy or difficult—it only requires that you pour your whole heart into your practice. Your sadhana should be challenging and engaging, but should also bring you joy, peace, and a sense of purpose.  -Timothy Burgin

We are acutely aware of seasonal changes throughout the year as they affect us-our preference for hot or cold, rainy commutes, wardrobe choices and so forth.  The rhythm of our days receive less attention.    Transitions from morning to afternoon to evening can be punctuated by activities that may be out of our control or choice.   Habit and ennui are the gremlins of our practice, are barriers to more meaningful and mindful living.

Kundalini Yoga, and notably other daily spiritual practices, tune the human mind and body to the dincharya.   Ablutions, adoration and prayer, scripture and often a physical component that soothes organs and quiets the breathe.   The power of communal participation can be found througout them all.Examples, with links to references for further consideration follow.   

For those who have negative or traumatic experiences in the context of religion or a spiritual community should seek counseling that addresses this specific pain.  It exists.   

Islam teaches that:

Prayer also has immense emotional and psychological benefits. It provides the heart with peace and comfort. In prayer, you appear before your Creator, who knows all your sorrows and who has the solution to all your problems. When you offer dua or supplication to God, sometimes with tears rolling down your face, the heavy burden that lies on your heart is lifted….Prayer teaches us humility and helps remove pride from our hearts.  Regular prayer helps us develop duty-consciousness as well as punctuality. It also helps us to be time-conscious and to use our time in a proper manner. The Muslim form of prayer also has great physical benefits. It helps us become more particular about the cleanliness of our clothes, while the various postures in this form of prayer also provide our body with physical exercise.  1

From the Kundalini tradition:

Develop a regular sadhana and you take control of your life. Develop a deep sadhana and you open the doors of experience. Commit to meet your higher Self each morning and your decisions and your life become original; your life will bear the signature of your soul; your radiance will express the meaningful intimacy of the Infinite in each moment. Immerse yourself in the joy of victory that comes from starting each day with a powerful sadhana and every challenge becomes opportunity. 2

The five Canonical Hours of the Catholic are described below.

The Liturgy of the Hours, also known as the Divine Office or the Work of God (Opus Dei), is the daily prayer of the Church, marking the hours of each day and sanctifying the day with prayer. The Hours are a meditative dialogue on the mystery of Christ, using scripture and prayer. At times the dialogue is between the Church or individual soul and God; at times it is a dialogue among the members of the Church; and at times it is even between the Church and the world. The Divine Office "is truly the voice of the Bride herself addressed to her Bridegroom. It is the very prayer which Christ himself together with his Body addresses to the Father." (SC 84) The dialogue is always held, however, in the presence of God and using the words and wisdom of God. 3

Organized religion, of course, does not have the market cornered on daily discipline.  Happenstance may not allow for this for many.  Allow circumstance and personal need to shape and create a personal approach.  What matters is the routine and the inner and outer poise it yields.  

Let us greet the day before sunrise,  awaken during that special twilight time.  Cleanse ourselves inside and out.  Acknowledge the Divine, and unity of purpose with a healthful and peaceful attitude and aspect of our Self.   Pause before meals to express gratitude.  Admire the sunset.  Reflect upon the day and morrow.  Make lists, consider preparing in advance anything that makes you anxious-clothing or meals, or BOTH!   

1 http://islamicvoice.com/basic-purpose-of-worship-or-prayer/

2 https://www.3ho.org/kundalini-yoga/sadhana

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Winter Wishes and Welcoming

Winter is at our doorsteps…

The cold winter breeze has brought to us December – the month of wishes and special moments, full of celebrations and joy. Some may even call it the warmest month of all in which we look forward to so many things ... the burning fireplace, the cozy mornings, the excitement of spending quality time with family and friends, the smell of orange peels and mandarins, the taste of matcha cappuccino and holiday desserts...Yes, indeed, it's the month during which we don't mind stay up late, to share stories and to welcome the shiny nights.  
December has a scent of hope and magic. We somehow become more generous and kinder...

“The pages of the calendar seem to start spinning back. We understand how much time we've lost. We understand what we have gained, have given and shared ... We understand how little we need to be happy.” ~ Ani

In this busy month, we can also experience stress, anxiety, and nostalgia. Aim to stay present, calm and take time for yourself, if you do so you'd find a certain level of simplicity and silence that will help you sustain your energy and nurture your positive vibes – be tender and practice self-love. Smell the pine needles, light the candles, laugh, and decorate your homes with warmth.
And remember, no matter what this year brought to you, do not forget to stay inspired for the new things that will come in your life.

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